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Welcome to Crossfit!

CrossFit is a community-based, strength, and conditioning program that can be scaled according to the current capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of each athlete. Additionally, select elements of each workout can be customized to suit the capabilities, fitness level, and skills of each athlete. Every day is a different workout which incorporates constantly-varied functional movements performed at high intensity within a class/community environment. Anyone can do CrossFit.

New To Crossfit?

Try a FREE Teaser Class to see our program for yourself. Each class is one hour long and will consist of a warm-up, coach instructed skill work, and the workout of the day followed by a coach lead stretching and a cool down.  The best way to understand CrossFit is to come in and check it out for yourself.  Call 609-647-6963 or send an email to

Fundamentals (On Ramp) must be taken by all new CrossFitters and will help you understand the philosophy and methodology of CrossFit. These classes will familiarize you with all the specific skills and exercises which are found in CrossFit workouts.

You will be taught nine functional movements (Air Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Dead Lift, Sumo Dead Lift High Pull, and Medicine Ball Clean) that are the basis of CrossFit. Fundamentals as well as all regular CrossFit classes are lead and coached by an accredited CF trainer.

Fundamentals are conducted in a friendly, small group environment during three one-hour sessions led by a Pennington CrossFit Coach.  Fundmentals meets at the beginning of each month.  Once you successfully complete Fundamentals you can take regular CF classes, as a member.  The cost is $125. Call 609-647-6963 or send an email to



Contact us to schedule a visit and to see our facility or to sign up as a member.

  • Call 609-647-6963 or send an email to Donna Doran at
  • Lee Leeper, PCF’s head coach, will answer any of your questions and talk to you about your prior CF experience