licensed CrossFit affiliate since 2012
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Box Rules

Box Rules

"Inside the Box"

Class Structure  
A focused warm up, WOD which may include a technical skill, plus mobility/stretching and cool down.

Please sign into class using MindBody Online.  Arrive on time.  Support and cheer your fellow team mates.  Wait until everyone is finished working out before putting your equipment away.

Success will come through:

  • Practicing good mechanics, consistency and then add intensity. Doing things right is always better than doing things fast. Stay light until you can do it right.
  • Committing to at least 3 WODs a week and no more than three consecutive days.  Rest is just as important as working out and an important part of your success.
  • Practicing good nutrition.

We enjoy being here to help you get stronger, faster and healthier, our friendly, supportive and competitive atmosphere makes that possible.

Keep a journal to monitor your progress; record results and weight amount for reference in future WOD’s.  This is also a great way to track improvement over time.

Your safety is essential!  If you’re not sure of a movement or appropriate weight, ask the Coach.